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Monday, 18 August 2008

Pakistan and its topsy-turvy politics

We really are in 'Alice in Wonderland' territory here; President Musharraf of Pakistan has just announced he will resign in the face of impeachment attempts, over charges he violated the constitution and for 'gross misconduct' whatever that means in this context. Official Pakistani 'English' is a gloriously majestic and archaic thing; I remember a long time ago listening to the then President of Pakistan declaring the objectives behind their military action against rebels in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and how the 'miscreants' would be quelled; this never happened, largely because the Indian government declined to allow over-flights across its territory so the Pakistani military had to take the long route south around the tip of India.

Well of course he violated the Constitution! He took power originally by means of a [bloodless] military coup, whilst he was the military supremo of the country. His conduct since then has been to change the rules to 'justify' him remaining in power (see the time-line in the linked story). If and when his resignation becomes effective, then we will know he has actually relinquished power. Whether whoever comes after will be better or worse, only time will tell.

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