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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Bill's Election Day Evening Blogging Kit

A few of the essentials to make an evening anticipating the election results semi-bearable - the evening starts at about 5.45 pm with a glass (or two) of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, from the area just north of Venice (a lightly sparkling and refreshing Italian wine). As the evening progresses I shall have some more Prosecco to wash down some lovely spicy Greek olives and probably some pheasant paté with Greek raisins, feta cheese and oatcakes accompanied by a salad.

Still later I shall open a bottle of delicious English sparkling wine, Chapel Down, a Kentish wine every bit as good as many French champagnes, to accompany some hand-made Belgian chocolates and various nuts to graze on; I adore nuts! Even if my preferred political party is not likely to triumph tonight I can at least have a pleasant gastronomic evening.

The theme of the evening? Well, my choice of English 'champagne' (rather than French) for this evening reflects my desire for Scotland (the oatcakes - from Orkney, as it so happens) to remain in partnership with England [and Wales and Northern Ireland] in the United Kingdom. The other products are from various parts of Europe (the pheasant paté is French, the Prosecco is Italian and various other items are Greek and Spanish - and Belgian [an assortment of white chocolates as these are my favourites]) neatly symbolising my support for the European Union. And of course the nuts are from various countries in Europe and the United States. If I had thought of it I would have made sure I had some figs in the house to signify my desire for Turkish membership of the European Union. Fundamentally I am an internationalist - but I'm a British internationaslist!

Election Day Evening Blogging Kit

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