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Monday, 12 March 2007

Torture - a reality in today's Scotland

Torture, yes torture. Not conducted by the State (at least not so far as we know), but by individual Scots on other Scots. The latest abominable case I have read about involves beating, slashing with a knife, stubbing out a cigarette on the victim's head and scalding her with hot water. The victim, Tammy McGregor (aged 19), was lured to a tenement flat in Aberdeen by former lover Lee Holt, 27, and Donna O'Neill, 21 and subjected to two and a half hours of abuse. The two entered guilty pleas and will be sentenced on 18th April, after 'background' reports. I've no idea what these background reports will prove; these two are evil sadists and require severe punishment; I hope they receive it.

A similar kind of case I wrote about a little over two years ago took place Alness, although in that case the three people involved had earlier also shared accommodation in Aberdeen before moving to Alness. In that case the victim was a male and the abusers were a man and a woman.

A common feature between the two cases is that the victims were both described as vulnerable or with learning difficulties. The cases don't paint a very attractive picture of Scotland, do they?

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