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Monday, 19 March 2007

Mazarron to Granada

After taking Tara to the kennels I continued on up toward Alhama de Murcia to join the AP7 motorway south to Andalucia. Once past Lorca (the farthest south on this road I had been hitherto), the route quickly becomes quite circuitous, specially after one crosses over the 'border' from Murcia into Andalucia. Some of the scenery is quite spectacular, even before one has really come to the Sierra Nevada area, with its snow-capped peaks (very pretty). The only negative to today's trip was that it was very windy, so there was a lot of dust in the atmosphere and going through some of the spectacular scenery I mention (wide and deep valleys, gorges, etc) and there were fierce cross-winds for lengthy sections so one really had to concentrate hard on the driving, just to keep the car from drifting across (or off!) the road.

In any case, after my arrival here I had a very pleasant walk around the area near the hotel (it becomes quite cool as soon as the sun begins to get lower in the sky, despite the clear blue skies) and had a very satisfactory late-evening dinner. So I'm all primed for my visit to the Alhambra tomorrow. So, off to bed!

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